A really big problem:

Most people have a huge hole in their lives and spend so much of their time trying to fill it up with stuff. The reality is, that hole is "God-shaped," so it can only be filled by God Himself.

A really big solution:

The good news, or "gospel," is that our Heavenly Father has made a way to fill that hole in our hearts, and it has everything to do with Jesus Christ.

At GBC, we are simple followers of Jesus, with a passionate desire to understand and know Him better so we can become more like Him.

We believe that the very foundation of Christianity is the undeserved kindness of God, demonstrated to us by the death, resurrection, and life of His Son, leading to the eternal salvation of all who will have it.

The key to successful Christian living is a consistent awareness of God's invisible presence (His Holy Spirit) directing our desires, attitudes, actions, and words.

We believe worshipping God should come from our HEAD:

We place a great emphasis upon the teaching of the Bible since it is God's divine manual for living. Comprehending and applying God's Word leads to sensible, confident and productive living that honors our Creator.

We believe worshipping God should come from our HEART:

True Christianity is anything but boring religiosity; it is a thrilling devotion to the God who loved us first. We believe that the very reason for our existence is to be living declarations of God's love and purpose.

We believe worshipping God should come from our HANDS:

We are seeking to express Christ's unselfish love by doing good to one another, our community and our world...striving to accomplish God's purposes by demonstrating His love to others...applauding God with our lives.
GBC is about so much more than religion. It's about a new life and a fresh start.  It's about answers to many of life's toughest questions.  It's about friends, family, loving God and people.  It's about forgiveness, encouragement and trying to do better all the time.  It's about what happens after we die.  It's about you and the rest of us, and it's about Jesus.
At GBC, our focus is really simple...
"Connecting People to God -- Head, Heart and Hands."

Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ is what we are all about, and creating a church that people love to attend is our mission.

We think it makes perfect sense for our Creator to be the most exciting and influential factor in our everyday lives, so we have adopted a very simple strategy designed to move people from being our guest to becoming a church family member.

What makes GBC unique is that we offer a series of "next steps" designed to move people from one stage of Christian maturity to the next in an intentional process of spiritual growth.

Our goal is for your church life to be an enjoyable and inspiring experience each and every week. Each of our "next steps" are designed to be simple and to equip and inspire you to live life as your Heavenly Father intended it to be lived.

We sincerely look forward to your visit!