At GBC, we can always use the gifts and talents of those who are willing to volunteer their time and skills to help. If you are a licensed or talented carpenter, electrician, plumber, roofer, mason, contractor, or engineer, are skilled in the area of computers and electronics, are accomplished in music, drama, writing, painting, drawing, set design, interior decorating, sound engineering, or web design, or you have a gift for working with children, making people feel welcome, or would like to help people who are sick or in need with meals, visitation or rides, we would love be aware of your talents so we can see where God might use your abilities at GBC.
Some of our endeavors include:
    • Worship Team (Music)
    • Maintenance Team
    • Decorating Team
    • Media Team
    • Vacation Bible School (VBS) Team (every July)
    • Coffee Ministry
    • Nursery Staff (requires background check)
    • Usher Ministry
    • Home visits
This is by no means an exhaustive list of our ministries.  Please see an elder or Pastor Ed for further information as to where you can use your gifts to serve.