The Mission's program of our church is a very active one. We currently help to support 22 Missionaries serving around the world. We ask for Faith Promises at our Conference to help us develop our budget. We have had several of our own members go to the field as full time missionaries. We have helped to send people as "Short Term" missionaries to give them a look at what Missions is like.
We have 2 special events during the year, a Conference and our Christmas in October (at this weekend we receive an offering to give to our Missionaries before Christmas). We also have Missionaries visit whenever they are able, and we greatly enjoy the stories of their travels and how God is working in their lives and their ministries.

At Missions Conference 2013, we had the privilege having Peter Colon (who has a south Florida ministry) host a seder at GBC, and we were treated to a wealth of knowledge about the role of Jesus Christ in this traditional Jewish meal/ceremony.  

In 2014, Dan and Becca joined us for Christmas in October  for Sunday School, the sermon, and a presentation afterward.  We were also visited by Ralph.

In 2015, Kyle and Kevin visited, and the Baileys also came with several students who have a passion for missions work.

In 2016, Bruce and Wendy visited for our Missions Conference, and they shared about their work with military families.  We also got to visit with John and Jeanne (from the far east) and hear about their work.
We work with a committee and would be happy to have any others who might like to volunteer to serve. We endeavor to keep the congregation informed and to challenge them to become involved.