AfterShock Youth Ministry is Grace Bible Church's Middle School and High School Ministry (7th-12th grade). We meet Saturday Nights at 6:30pm-8:30pm at Grace Bible Church.

Key Verse: Psalm 62:2: He only is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I shall not be shaken!

Mission: Our Mission is to enlist, train, equip, and disciple our students; helping them to mature and grow in Christ, and see this next generation taking a stand for their faith, shaking/rattling this world for Christ.

Vision Statement: Our Vision is to see every student rock solid and on fire for
the Lord, standing up among the chaos and be that aftershock that brings people to their knees.

Purpose Statement: The purpose of AfterShock is that In a world where culture is telling us what to say, what do, how to act, what to dress, what to be, etc. We want to train up teens that know the gospel and equip them to defend their faith against what they are up against. We want them to be able to decipher Gods voice from that of the world. Can you hear him now?

Our Core Values:

We value the Bible as the infallible word of God. We believe that it is living, and active.

We value faith, living it out on a daily basis

We value Growth and Learning though God’s word and discipleship

We value commitment being totally sold out for Christ, and shaking this world for him.

We value Relationships, our relationship with God, with our family, with our friends, and those around us. They are all extremely important and we strive to form lasting relationships through reading the word, teaching, and discipleship.

We value ministry. We don’t just want a place where teens come to have fun and that’s it. We want this to be a place where there is fun, but more importantly where teens can come to hear the Word and grow deeper in their walks with Christ.

We value Acceptance and love. Each teen is coming from a different environment and so it is crucial to not judge them but rather love them and meet the where they are at currently.

We value reaching this next generation and training them to be the future leaders